You have blessed us. Thank you!

Armona Union Academy is blessed with a community committed to God and sharing Him through Christian Adventist Education! The schools success is directly impacted by your involvement, financial support, and prayers. Thank you!

AUA Raise the Roof Campaign Donations

At Armona Union Academy, we have a desperate need for a new roof. As you’ll see in the video below, every time it rains, water leaks in the high school locker room, in the chapel, in the science lab and in the kitchen. We need your help so that our students can attend classes in a dry and safe environment. So far over $22,000 has been raised. We have a donor that will replace our aging heating and A/C units as soon as the roof is replaced. Thank you so much for your generous support!

Click here to donate online to our Raise the Roof campaign:

Please bring or mail donations via check to

Armona Union Academy
14435 Locust Street
P.O. Box 397
Armona, CA 93202

AUA Solar Panel Campaign Donations

Help AUA raise money for solar panels that will allow AUA to save money on utility expenses.  Our annual power bills average $30,000 to $35,000 per year. The installation of ground mount solar panels could save us a significant percent of that amount every year-dollars that could be reallocated to upgrading our physical plant.

Read our story, share, and give at our Givebutter site here:

Activity Van Fundraiser Donations

It is time to replace AUA’s activity vans. We are planning to purchase a 10 passenger Ford Transit Van or two. The activity vans are used to transport students for field trips, music tours, and athletic events.

Read our story, share, and give at our Givebutter site here:

Booster Club Donations

Student subsidy:

The school and students have been very blessed by the AUA Booster Club and the support of the alumni, our community, Larry Martella & family, the Castle Thrift Volunteers, and all those that support the Booster Club.  Funds donated to the AUA Booster club go 100% towards student subsidy to help students receive a Christ centered education at AUA.  Please prayerfully consider a monthly donation to help!


Donations for the Booster Club can also be mailed to the school (to ‘AUA Booster Club’) or made online at the link below: