As you can see our project is almost completed. We have the floor installed and just need to put the finishing touches on it. We thank everyone that has helped make this possible. If you are able to even give $5 it would be much appreciated.  You may donate online or in person.  You may also make monthly contributions.  If you would like to give online, here is a link. or mail to  PO Box 397, Armona, Ca 93202.  Email to make a pledge.  Donations are tax deductible.

We have also set up some donor incentives

$5 – Thank you email
$25-Postcard with a thank you note
$100-Picture of completed floor with a thank you card
$500-Picture of completed floor with basketball teams autographs.
$1,000 -Name on Plaque hung in Gym, pluse same as $500
$5,000-Name on plaque, name on floor where players sit outside of playing area, and same as $500
$10,000-Name on Plaque, Name on floor outside of the playing area where people enter gym, and same as $500
$25,000- Name/or logo on floor in playing area, and same as $500
$50,000- Name/ or logo on floor in playing area on both ends of the court! and same as $500
$100,000 – Court named after person or business



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